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About Website Links Counting Tool

What is a Website Link Counting Tool?

A website link counter tool is a software application that helps you to track the quantity of external and internal links on your website.

Our Link Counting Tool can be used to find out how many total external and total internal links your website has. This tool is not designed to be used for monitoring search engine rankings, keyword rankings, or other metrics.


How a Website Link Counting Tool Works

It analyzes your website and checks all its pages and the links they contain.

The tool then gives you a total of all the links that go out from your site to others, which are called external links.

As well as the number of these internal links that point to pages on your site, and then the total number of these, whether internal or external.

Many website owners use the Website link counting tool, which can help them track how many links are on their site. This is a useful tool for SEO and marketing purposes.


What is a Good Average Number of External Links Per Page On My Blog?

A lot of people struggle with the question of how many external links should they have on their blog. No one answer fits all blogs. The key is to assess your website's goals and find a good average number of external links per page.

A good average number of external links per page for a blog with SEO as its main goal would be around 3-4 links, while a blog that is more about generating leads and building brand awareness might have up to 8-14 external links per page.

Links are important for SEO, but they also need to be useful and relevant to reach their full potential. A link counter tool can help you determine which types of links are valuable for your website's goals.