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About URL Encoder / Decoder

The online URL encoder/decoder

"At itooll.com" we provide you with an easy-to-use and free online URL encoder/decoder tool!

This free and easy-to-use online URL encoder/decoder is especially useful for adding special characters to a URL parameter, also known as percentage encoding.

To encode a URL, you need to replace the non-permitted characters with a % (percent sign) as well as two additional hexadecimal values. 

URL decoding does work, however, if you want to know the source of an email campaign or newsletter.


Using this online URL encoder/decoder

This online URL decoder/encoder tool from the "Itooll.com" site works when you add a text string in the space provided on the "https://itooll.com/seo-tools/url-encoder-decoder-tool" link. 

Then just click on the "Submit" button, and you will get the results instantly.

This feature is very useful when you want to transform a coded JavaScript URL with barely readable text into more readable text.

A URL normally contains a letter or non-alphabetical sign that will be encoded as "%" (percentage symbol), followed by some alphanumeric text. 

White spaces in a text will then be encoded with the "+" symbol.

URLs can only be transferred over the Internet using ASCII characters. Since these URLs contain characters that are not part of the ASCII set, they will have to be transformed into a usable ASCII format. 

With this URL encoding system, unsafe ASCII characters will be replaced by a percent sign (%) followed by two hexadecimal digits. In addition, URL encoding replaces a space with a plus sign (+) or %20.


What are URL encoding and decoding?

This URL encoding is used in the query string, also known as the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). 

Only special symbols are involved in URL encoding. If you want to encode or decode your URL, this free online URL encoding/decoding tool will do the trick.