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What is a WWW Redirect Checker Tool?

A www redirect checker tool is a website that checks the www and non-www versions of websites and shows if both versions are ended in one URL.

WWW redirect checkers are used to make sure that there is only one version of a website instead of two indifferent URLs. This can be done by checking the www and non-www of a single website, and showing if (example.com) is redirected to (www.example.com). These tools are helpful for SEO purposes as they help with duplicate content issues. We believe URLs should always be checked for SEO purposes, as it is very helpful to have a single version of a website in search engine results. Our service is not a redirector, but it will make sure that the site you are checking for has only one URL and not two.


What a "WWW Redirect Checker Tool" Can Do?

"WWW Redirect Checker" allows you to check WWW and NON-WWW redirects. A handy tool that allows you to track the full path from which a redirected URL is heading. However, if you are on this page, then you already know that redirection is the procedure by which a URL is redirected to another URL.

The redirect checker is the tool that is then used to inspect various URLs, indicating the full response code provided by each of these URLs. This method is mainly used as a free checker for 301 redirects.

After defining what a redirect is, we'll look at a few common types of HTTP redirects: 300 Multiple Choices: suggests a variety of resource choices that the client can pursue, for example, different video format options can be provided, or disambiguation of the meaning of words or files with different extensions.
301 Moved Permanently: All subsequent references to a specific URL are redirected to a given URL when this redirection is used.

302 Search (HTTP 1.1) / Temporary Move (HTTP 1.0): The Internet works with the HTTP protocol, which dictates how URLs work. It has two main versions, in version 1.0 303 it refers to the status code "Moved Temporarily", while in version 1.1 this has been changed to "Found".

The 307 Moved Temporarily code (HTTP 1.1 only): in the case of this redirection, the request must be replicated with another URL, but the initial URL must always be used for all future requests.

Meta Refresh: Meta Refresh is a form of redirection that is performed at the page level rather than the server level. It is not a recommended technique for SEO, as it is slow. Typically, it is associated with the five-second countdown that says "If you are not redirected in five seconds, click here."

All you need to do is use our redirect checker as a free 301 redirect checker, you don't have to do anything except provide a website URL in the text box and press "Search". The results containing the URL information as well as the redirected URL will be shown to you immediately.


In case you are looking for a redirect checking tool, our redirect checking or tracking tool is a must for you. It is easy to use, fast and reliable. Moreover, our URL redirect tracker is absolutely free for everyone.